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NC Soft invited JeuxOnLine, Juega En Red, Clockerz, Krawall and Mondes Persistants to a series of exclusive online dev-chats called the "Rush Hours". The topic of the first session of the "Rush Hours" was the character creation and how players level up and progress through the game and the second session was on the skills.
This session is on the items, loot and craft. 

Scott Brown from NC Soft and Ryan Seabury from NetDevil and two community coordinateurs (Torque and AutobahnParker) were present during this chat session.

[Rockjaw] How will the loot/item economy function in Auto Assault? Will it be NPC or player driven?
[Scott Brown] Loot is created dynamically from enemy kills and hand crafted as mission rewards in Auto Assault. Loot can also be built by crafters as well. When you experiment with an item while crafting you will get random enhancements based on the materials you experiment with.

[Rockjaw] If NPCs are used as primary traders, will there be any motivation for players to buy from other players?
[Scott Brown] To make good money from items in Auto Assault you will have to trade with other players.
[Scott Brown]  The prices stores pay will be too low.

[Rockjaw] Will you incorporate anything like a "market place" into the game, allowing players to set items for sale almost ebay-style and get on with the meat of the gameplay?
[Scott Brown] Not at launch, we are evaluating what systems are needed now in beta and prioritizing what gets added from there.
[Scott Brown] If this becomes the top issue, who knows... :)

[Rockjaw] How will item drops be shared among players in a party? Will it use drop assignment, the classic free-for-all, or a crafty something else?
[Scott Brown] Players can choose between loot modes when in a convoy.
[Scott Brown] First, they can choose to be free for all where the player who gets the kill owns the loot.
[Scott Brown] Second, the can choose distributed, where each player gets one item at a time. We mix up the player list though so you don't always know who is going to get an item next.
[Scott Brown] We did not want a system where you would have to slow down your game play to deal with loot sharing so no dialogs or anything while in combat.

[Rockjaw] Given that we're going to be playing battling vehicles, will we be able to equip any upgrade items directly onto them? Engine upgrades, chrome rims, tinted windows, a spoiler or perhaps decals?
[Ryan Seabury] In order to keep the gameplay focused on action (versus simulation), we decided to combine a number of things into the chassis...

[Rockjaw] Will dropped loot from enemies include unique items? (not accessible from buy/craft)
[Scott Brown] Since the loot engine is dynamic almost everything in the game is unique, at least statistically.
[Scott Brown] Each base item also has a rarity to drop as well. We expect that a high percentage of the loot you have in game will come from drops.

[Rockjaw] Will dropped loot from enemies include unique items? (not accessible from buy/craft)
[Scott Brown] Participating in PvP does have its advantages. When you complete PvP missions to destroy other players for example you will get those specific mission rewards.
[Ryan Seabury] You will also get rewards for capturing outposts that you can "spend" on special items as well.
[Ryan Seabury] But I would say you are not at a disadvantage if you do not want to participate in the PvP missions because of the vast amount of loot in the game.
[Ryan Seabury] also, one of the cool things about the crafting system includes the chance to potentially be able to craft a very rare find...
[Ryan Seabury] so for example
[Ryan Seabury] you could find the Uber Gun of DOOM* (*made up example)
[Ryan Seabury] but through the R&D skills of Reverse Engineering and Memorization, you could break the item and fix it...
[Ryan Seabury] and then have a chance of permanently memorizing it, possibly being the only crafter on any server to be able to do so.

[Rockjaw] Will those who choose not to get involved in PvP combat suffer a disavantage concerning item availability ?
[Scott Brown] Participating in PvP does have its advantages. When you complete PvP missions to destroy other players for example you will get those specific mission rewards.
[Scott Brown] You will also get rewards for capturing outposts that you can "spend" on special items as well.
[Scott Brown] But I would say you are not at a disadvantage if you do not want to participate in the PvP missions because of the vast amount of loot in the game.

[Rockjaw] Will the type/quailty of loot change with the enemy/boss (harder kills give better loot)?
[Steven SNOW] Most definitely.  There are several "boss" style enemies that will drop much bigger goodie bags than normal enemies...
[Steven Snow] both in quantity and quality
[Steven Snow] usually, you will find these as the culmination of story arcs that end in private instances
[Steven Snow] but sometimes, "things" can occur and you may see one roaming a highway from time to time as well.
[Scott Brown] To add to this, there are loot tables by type of enemy and tables specific to some enemies. So cars can give specific loot and so that boss car X can even have unique loot to him.
[Scott Brown] We also feed the loot generator with the difficulty of the enemy and boost this number even more when you are fighting a boss so you will get extra cool things from the entire loot table as well.

[Rockjaw] Will players be able to buy what another player sells to a NPC vendor?
[Ryan Seabury] Generally speaking no.  We'd rather you interact directly with other players to trade for their goods...
[Ryan Seabury] so when you sell items to vendors, they immediately junk it for parts or perhaps sell it to another vendor somewhere in the wide wide universe of Auto Assault:P

[Rockjaw] When looting items, looking at World of Warcraft, Auto Assault will let players to automatically roll for best items and normal ones no, or all the loot will be subject to the same system(round robin, free for all and so)?
[Scott Brown] We did not want to put up a dialog for rolls as it really changes the pacing of combat.
[Scott Brown] Also, since we have no bind on pickup type mechanic its not critical like it is in WoW.
[Scott Brown] So for right now (beta can always change things) there is just free for all and distributed.

[Rockjaw] Will items sell for better prices in their origin specific stores, like we see on CoH?
[Ryan Seabury] No.  Long ago we messed around with this and determined that it really slowed down the pacing too much even for towns...
[Ryan Seabury] because the net result is that you end up walking around to every vendor and seeing what prices they give...
[Ryan Seabury] and then you start keeping notes on the side as to where to take things...
[Ryan Seabury] so vendors always pay a universal price for a given item, but players of course will pay as supply and demand dictate
[Ryan Seabury] given our experience with our first title which had an NPC-demand model, we felt this was the correct direction for the kind of game Auto Assault is.

[Rockjaw] Do you buy items for crafting or acquire them by loot?
[Ryan Seabury] Yes.
[Ryan Seabury] just kidding.
[Ryan Seabury] Although really, yes.  You can get them both ways in some sense...
[Ryan Seabury] You may find "Broken Items" which are the central concept in our crafting system, as dropped loot...
[Ryan Seabury] But there are also junkyard NPCs who will sell an assortment of low end broken items to help you get started in various disciplines.
[Ryan Seabury] To repair a broken item requires commodities, which you will only find in the world as loot, mostly from smashing up the environments...
[Ryan Seabury] and of course from other players.

[Rockjaw] Will crafting require any specific skills, or will it be conducted at an NPC?
[Scott Brown] There is an entire discipline tree that you progress through as a player when learning crafting skills.
[Scott Brown] There are 3 different tiers of abilities and you are limited by tier to how many choices you can make.
[Scott Brown] So you will have to choose between creating chassis, power plants, weapons, tires, and consumables for example.

[AutoBahnParker] How many crafting skills are they per race and how quickly do they become available?
[Ryan Seabury] The crafting skills are basically universal across all races...
[Ryan Seabury] although naturally there may be specific items that would only benefit one race or another.
[Ryan Seabury] for example, only Mutants are going to want to craft a Blood Phial repair kit, that is essentially refined contamination goo...
[Ryan Seabury] the other two races couldn't use it.
[Ryan Seabury] as for number of skills, it isn't necessarily final yet, but safe to say more than 10. :)

[Rockjaw] Are there items that can only be made through crafting?
[Scott Brown] And since you need a broken item at least once to repair it, the other races would never see a blood phial to craft so they will all be crafting different items.

[Rockjaw] Are there items that can only be made through crafting?
[Scott Brown] Yes there are some items that can only be made through crafting and some items that can only be found through looting.

[Rockjaw] Is there ever any chance that crafting completely fails?
[Ryan Seabury] Yes and No.
[Ryan Seabury] Heh :)
[Ryan Seabury] Yes, if you are Experimenting on a broken item or memorized blueprint...
[Ryan Seabury] so for example, a broken gun calls for salvaged steel in its recipe...
[Ryan Seabury] you instead put in salvaged copper...
[Ryan Seabury] based on your Experimentation R&D skill, there is now a chance for failure since you deviated from the specced recipe..
[Ryan Seabury] however, there is also a chance to get an improved or somehow different item than the original.
[Ryan Seabury] but if you want to have 100% success, you just follow the recipe as specced with the exact materials, and you will get the item 100% of the time
[Ryan Seabury] in this way, we allow for either reliable production crafting, or experimental crafting with a chance for failure, depending on what you need.
[Scott Brown] the more you experiment the more likely you are to fail, but also the more likely you are to get an even better item.

[Rockjaw] Will the manufactured items be as good or better than the ones found by looting ?
[Scott Brown] We don't want either system to be the "best" per se. Some awesome items only come from loot while others can only be made through crafting.

[Rockjaw] Will it be possible to learn technologies from other races with crafting?
[Scott Brown] No. You can not craft or even pick up other races items in the game.
[Scott Brown] There are many items that are cross race though.

[Rockjaw] Will there be an experience system dedicated to crafting ?
[Scott Brown] Not really. Crafting is a use based system so each discipline has a rating based on how often you have crafted.
[Scott Brown] The more you craft the higher the rating which opens up other disciplines to you as a crafter.
[Scott Brown] It is completely independant of your combat statistics so that you are never making a choice to trade off between crafting and combat.
[Ryan Seabury] (you increase your max potential at trainers, then raise the actual discipline skill by practice)

[Rockjaw] Can you setup mining stations?
[Scott Brown] This is not a mechanic available in Auto Assault.
[Scott Brown] You "mine" by destroying objects and enemies in the world. :)

[Rockjaw] Will crafting be useful during all the levels, even during the endgame ?
[Ryan Seabury] Absolutely.  The kinds of consumables and gear you can create as your character advances will scale nicely with the kinds of things you are doing across the entire level curve and game experience.

[Rockjaw] How many automobiles does it take to craft a light bulb?
[Ryan Seabury] Yes.

[Rockjaw] Thank you to Ryan and to Scott for joining us here today


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